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Catch Up with Rom from Studio Romuu

Written by Hayley southwood


Posted on May 03 2019


Tell me a little bit about yourself
I’m Romulus, founder of Studio Romuu, a creative studio that celebrates architecture through line drawings and art prints. I am an architectural geek and lover of art, design and interiors, all disciplines being inherently intertwined. When not fully nerded out on design, I love travelling, trying out new cuisines, and believe in doing something that scares me once in a while (yes just like in that sunscreen song!). 



How did you meet Hayley?
On Instagram. I’ve been following her wonderful feed and stories for a long time, and love her work. 


Where do you live, type of house etc?
I live in Manchester - an amazingly soulful, gritty and vibrant city all at once. I live in a townhouse in the suburbs towards the north of the city. As with many townhouses, it has a narrow footprint split over 3-storeys which encourage me to think about space planning very carefully and designing an interior that feels open, light and cosy in equal measure. 


Have you also been interested in interiors?
Yes, my training and work in architecture has evolved over the years, allowing me to specialise in interior architecture and design. I enjoy the very personal nature of interiors and how a space can be designed to affect and reflect the occupants’ emotion, mood and sense of place. 


What’s your favourite piece in your home?
At risk of sounding incredibly narcissistic, I actually love my Midland Hotel drawing hung in the hallway! It’s a piece that is very personal to me. I wrote about it on an Instagram post a while ago. It was where I got married, and although that marriage ended a year ago, it’s simply a reminder that beauty is transient and nothing lasts forever, and that is ok. 



What makes a house a home to you?
When you’ve had a chance to inject your own personality, charm and style into it. When you have someone to share it with. When it feels like the place you want to return to at the end of a long day because you feel safe, comfortable, happy. 


Where do you find your inspo for decor?
Instagram is a one for me. A bit of Pinterest too. 


Do you have any favourite Instagrammers, blogs or magazines:?
I love @catesthill because very real and relatable, @citrusandorange because all-round wonderful instahuman, @thecrapflat because hilarious. For magazines, I like @enkimaguk.





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