Creating An Altar

Creating An Altar

I have always been obsessed with arranging and grouping my home accessories around my home. Coffee table arrangements, shelfies, you name it I love it. 

Interiors for me are all about evoking 'feelings', How a space makes me feel is so important. If you have followed me for a long time you will know I have mentioned this hundreds of times in the past.

I am a firm believer in really thinking about how your environment makes you 'feel'. I think working from home for years has really had an impact on the importance  of this. Whether it is your workspace or your living room, the decor, light, smell, colours can really affect how productive or how relaxed we feel in our homes. 

When I created my new dressing / meditation room I decided I wanted to create my own version of a modern personal altar. To me this is just a dedicated space where I can see all my precious possessions that I love to focus on or use during my meditations. A sacred space that only belongs to me!

I am very lucky to have a little room but you really don't need that much space, a corner of a bedroom or anywhere in fact works just fine.

My personal altar is a daily reminder for me to quieten my mind, find a little bit of inner calm in this crazy world. 

If you are thinking of creating an altar but have no idea what to include here are a few ideas-

It is said that you should try and arrange your objects with some symmetry as it reflects the energy of balance and wholeness. But I really think the most important thing to keep in mind is 'Does your altar make you feel happy?' It is totally up to you how you arrange your personal space but try to keep it dust free and clean. I use a smudge to clear my space from any toxins and negative energy. 

My altar is my place, my place of power, a place where I can find quiet, meditate, reflect and be really present in the moment and nothing else. My little room is totally my sacred space and I feel so grateful. It is the best gift I have ever given myself. My altar will change and I will keep adding and taking away things as I need. 

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Thank you Hayley I loved this blog post it’s so important to me that I have my space.
Your always inspiring me thank you xx

Lou (Isles of Scilly)

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