Creating Wholeness

Creating Wholeness


My word for 2020 is wholeness.

Last year we worked so hard renovating this new house. We relocated our business here including the shop and the hub. It was an absolute mission.

Everything felt so out of balance and I started to feel like I was craving some calm in my life. I got poorly back in July and it literally made me stop in my tracks and realise that I had to slow down. 

Still struggling with my health this year I have realised that I need to create some wholeness in my life. I am a bit of a workaholic if I admit it but I need to do a bit of work on my whole self. It really feels like the whole world is craving a bit of calm right now.

If you are feeling a bit like me I have created some new collections in my shop for you my friends. A collection of beautiful offerings for your physical, emotional and social wellbeing, hopefully creating some much needed wholeness in our lives.

Love Hayley x 

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Love the new website and blog, take care lovely lady, we all need a wake up call xxx

Sally Christie

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