Crystals in Modern Homes

Crystals in Modern Homes

If you are sceptical about crystal healing properties, there is absolutely no denying that they are awe inspiring and beautiful to look at. Natural crystals are formed in the ground where the earth's temperature and pressure causes them to form. We can all appreciate that they are fascinating heirlooms from nature.

As individuals we can often underestimate the moments of awe that we can experience in our everyday lives. It has been scientifically proven that moments of 'awe' can make us feel happier, healthier and even feel more connected to our surroundings.

We already use crystals such as quartz in our homes and in our technology, even if unknowingly. Quartz is used in clocks, watches, computers, phones and even our kitchen worktops.

It is believed that placing crystals around our homes can alter our vibrations and energy.

When we moved into this house one of the first things I did was buy some black tourmaline to pop by the front door. I wanted to invite all the good energies in and release any old stagnant vibes from the house.

I also adore Citrine, when I see it I instantly want to smile. It makes me feel happy, it just reminds me of sunshine. Citrine reminds me there is always sunnier days ahead even in the darkest moments. It makes me feel more positive and grateful for all the joy in my life.

Amethyst is great to pop in your bedroom as it promotes calmness and is absolutely beautiful to gaze upon. Lots of people believe this stone can promote sleep too. 

If this is a new thing for you and you are not too sure why you feel drawn to crystals, it really doesn't matter. Just by adding a crystal in your home or office you are celebrating nature's beauty and creating awe. You really don't need to overthink it, just go with the crystal you feel drawn to.

 Photographs by the talented SOOuk

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Lovely intro to the world of crystals, I’ve a lot to learn about them. I’m yet to buy my first crystal but I love your advice about not overthinking it and choosing what you’re drawn to x

Helen Bainbridge

This blog is just beautiful. Such gorgeous imagery and really gives me an insight into the wonder of crystals. Love it xx


Oh I love this! I think you’ve normalised my feelings about crystals. I’m definitely drawn to them because of their beauty and that in turn makes me happy. I’m woo woo but could never attach myself to them for anything other than how utterly stunning they are so I felt a fraud if I was to purchase one. Not anymore!!!!! Great read.


Such a lovely write up on the magic of crystals. I feel each one is so unique to the person who receives it and theyre all just so so beautiful x

Zoe Wheeler

I love this post… I really love that these beautiful energetic formations are becoming so available and integrated in curating our home spaces. I fully believe in their properties and place them mindfully in my home. As we move through unchartered territories in the world we need these wonderful healing pieces with us in our safe spaces. Xx


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