How to Create Your Own Meditation Room At Home.

How to Create Your Own Meditation Room At Home.

When we moved into this house 18 months ago I claimed the little room next to our bedroom and decided I was going to make it into a dressing room. This was the last room of the house to be tackled. I had been pinning photos of beautiful dressing room ideas for ages. Then last summer I was exhausted, so exhausted I got sick. I began to crave some calm, some space. 

I decided I would dedicate some space in my little room for meditation and yoga practice. It has fast become my most favourite place to sit and escape all the stresses of life. During these very odd times, I am in lockdown with my husband, two sons aged 20 and 22. I also have my brother staying here as he is going through a separation. Sharing our normally quiet home with four adult men-ish it quite a change. I am appreciating my meditation room more than ever!

You don't have to have a whole room, you can create a space in any room. A space where you can sit alone, enjoy some stillness and a space where you can recharge physically and mentally. My little space is really helping me find some much needed balance in these very strange days. 

There is no right way to create your own space but I would just think about these things before you go for it.

!) Choose a space or a room that is quiet. Try and create it where you get lots of natural light. Light is so important for lifting our moods.

2) Keep it basic. Try to create your space in an area or a room that is not too distracting. Your mind will wander when you are trying to meditate, that is normal but you want to keep it as calm as you can. 

3) Add Nature. I like to add a couple of plants to my room but you could add a vase of flowers if you prefer. Plants are so soothing and purify the air too.

4) Essential Oils. My oils play a massive part of my meditation and relaxation. I have my diffuser set up in this room all the time too. I love to explore my oils and see which oils I am drawn to at particular times depending on how I am feeling and what type of meditation I am doing. I love to use beautiful grounding oils such as Cedarwood, I adore Frankincense too.

5) No phone allowed. This has been a toughie for me personally but I do not take my phone into this room unless I am using a meditation app. I turn off all notifications and promise myself not to touch the phone whilst in this space.

6) Somewhere to sit. You will of course need somewhere to sit and meditate. I was so excited when I found Plantule cushions and we became the first UK stockists. 


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