Meet the human dream catcher

Hi, I’m Kate, lover of disco balls, a bright red lip and more leopard print than is necessary, I’m a life design and empowerment coach, creative business coach & mentor, Master NLP practitioner & clinical hypnotherapist, Qoya teacher, writer, speaker and creator of the Practical Magic Activation Deck — the UK’s first life coach in a box. And more recently, organiser of The Awakening — a festival dedicated to wellness and self care on the Isle of Wight.
I’ve been named by one of my clients as the ‘human dream catcher’, as I’m keeping that one, as I do love to bring dreams to life for both me, and my clients. 
I created the deck as a tool to essentially help people become their own life coaches, because I’m of the firm belief that we have all the answers we could ever need within us. That’s what I do as a coach, to help people connect in, and find the resources, the strength, the creativity and the power they have within them to tackle anything, and to do so by donning the oxygen mask of self care as part of the process. 
Not everyone has access to being able to work with a life / business coach, let alone have one of speed dial, so I wanted to create something which would essentially mean having me in a box - guiding you to connect in to yourself and your intuition. You pull a card, have a moment to tune in with what the card means for you in that moment, and then use the activation exercises within the book to help you activate what you’ve connected in to. Used every day it’s like a mind, body, soul workout!
I also wanted to create something that wasn’t all angels and unicorns, which is why I collaborated with artist and print maker Mat Denney on the designs of the deck. He created each design as a mini concept album cover that tunes into the vibrant energy and rock’n’rollness that Practical Magic is all about. And it goes deeper than that; the designs are created to that connect you in with your subconscious mind and body to evoke an emotional and visceral response that will help you any time you get too stuck in your head. 
And what I love about them - and other people tell me about this all the time - is there’s no limit to how you used the deck; you can pull a card in the morning to tune in with your day, you can pull a card when you’re feeling stuck on something, or have a creative block. You can also pull them with friends, partners, family members, in workshops, at work, at home, anywhere really, as a way to get people to share what’s going on for them, and helping them connect in and find different ways of looking and thinking about things.
I’m so excited to be bringing the Practical Magic Activation Deck to Southwood Living, I love connecting the deck with people who are ready to activate their inner wisdom and connect to their own kind of ‘magic’, and this feels like the perfect place to be.

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