Modern Holistic Interior Design

Modern Holistic Interior Design


At this time, as we shut our doors on the outside world, protecting ourselves and our loved ones, while often juggling many plates within the one space, your home can feel safe but also a little chaotic. 

If you are working from home and this is new for you, it is important to designate a space for this, or at least create suitable storage so that you can pack everything away at the end of your working day and switch off and relax. 

Being at home with your loved ones is important right now, no matter how much you love them, it can all get a little overwhelming. During these times create a space for yourself, whether that’s an entire room to escape to, your master bedroom or a small corner of a room. Somewhere to sit, somewhere to reflect, somewhere to relax. 

The concept of Holistic - is to focus on the whole of something, not just the part. If you were suffering from an ailment, holistic therapies would look at all of you not just the physical. Now more than ever do we need to look after our whole ‘self’. 

The space that you live in needs to promote both mental and physical health, bad layout, poor storage and clutter can have a real impact on your mood, this can all become very overwhelming when the entire family is under one roof 24/7. 

To adapt a space to help with mindfulness, for holistic living, ignore ‘trends’ and focus on you and what you like. What colour calms you. Do you find a simple, bright, white space relaxing and somewhere that you can take a minute or do you wish to feel warmer, add colour, lots of textures to allow the space to envelop you. 

If you wish to make your home more holistic, start with one room at a time and think about the Physical design of the space, ensuring that each room flows from one to another. What are the rooms used for? And could you adapt the layout of each room to aid in the physical  comfort of the entire house. 

I mention in my Interior design workshops how important it is that your home reflects you, although there are areas of colour psychology, we are all so different, for some - blue may feel cold, distant, for others blue can feel calm, relaxing - think about how you would like the room in question to make you feel and then, what colour reflects that feeling for YOU, pull from this tone - whether than be light, pastel blues to dark navy's. 

And finally, making the space visually appealing - find clever storage to hide clutter, then showcase pieces you find beautiful and that you love. Display them in a way which gives purpose and surround yourself with things that make you happy. 

If you are searching for inspiration, you will find that those searching for calm, tranquillity and the holistic approach around the home are using many natural materials, earthy tones on the walls and in fabrics, bringing the outdoors in with many house plants, stacks of books that reflect subjects that they love. Art that evokes feelings and thoughts. Where possible upcycled furniture for storage and thus giving a space character. 

Some beautiful accounts to follow for inspiration are Interior Designers @houseofgreylondon and our maven @zoe.interiors, and although this is a artisan pizzaria - the beautiful @story.deli  gives inspiration and ideas for a space. Not to mention our very own @hayleyjsouthwood and @southwoodliving - the transformation of her new home is beautiful, with the tranquility of their master bedroom and a yoga/meditation dressing room, showcasing how important good storage is and the use of clean whites with earthy tones.  

Words by Nicola @precious_time_design

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