Moon Cycles by Lexie

Moon Cycles by Lexie

For centuries women have been coming together to celebrate the highs of life, commemorate the low ones, and generally strengthen the bonds of sisterhood through conversation and shared experiences.

As society has become more fragmented, and the pace and demands of life have become ever more hectic, it’s increasingly harder for women from all walks and stages of life to converge and share a space where they can grow and learn together.  I was introduced to the concept of women’s circles by my yoga teacher, 2 hours on a Friday night where we would come together, drink tea, journal and share.  On moving house from Yorkshire to Cambridgeshire I searched in vain for a similar type of community and realised that the only way I was going to sit in a womens circle was to create my own.  Knowing very few people in the area I threw caution to the wind setting up a regular circle and finding that many like minded women were drawn to it. 

I found that in my own life I was beginning to be drawn to working with the lunar cycles which replaced my own cycles due to the need to control my migraines via medication.   I discovered the joy of working with love through the lunar cycles creating my intentions at new moon,  taking action to allow then to come to bloom at full moon and tying up loose ends and releasing all that no longer served me as the moon began to wane ready for the cycle to begin again.   As I immersed myself in lunar living I shifted as a person, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I was clear about my goals and actions, I felt empowered to create the life that I truly desired and I created the space to allow myself to heal from a relationship which had ended in an emotional draining  7 years.   I had retreated into a person that was no longer my true self.  By consciously releasing the pain, hurt and emotional turmoil during  each full moon over a 6 month period, I was able to stand tall and rediscover myself.  As a natural healer and intuitive, allowing myself to heal created space in which I could rediscover these natural talents and start working with them again.

My new moon intention setting has seen me move house,  get promoted twice then allowed me to make the conscious move away from the corporate world to set up my own business offering healing, yoga and moon circles to other women to help then to heal, grow and bloom.

Making the choice to work with the power of the moon cycles is empowering and allows you to take control of your life to create the life that you truly deserve.


A little overview of the moon cycles

New Moon-  It’s time to plant the seeds of your hopes and dreams and  also to set intentions.  It is a  time to reflect and look at the areas of your life which need attention then set intentions accordingly

Waxing moon- Its time to commit to your new moon intentions and make a clear plan as to how  you will bring your new moon visions to life.  What daily actions can you take towards your dreams?

Full Moon- 14 days after the new moon, the peak of the energy of the lunar month.  You will either be celebrating a goal that has been achieved or the full moon will be illuminating what has stood in your way.  Time to reflect on your new moon intentions and notice if you have strayed away from them and refocus your efforts.   Be clear on what has stood in your way or little nudges which have corrected your course.

Waning moon – it’s not time to give up on your intention and just reset at the next new moon.  What needs to change to allow you to bring your dreams to life? Do you need to have a difficult conversation?  Now is the time.  It is now time to process all that you have learnt , release that which no longer serves you and make that last push  to wrap things up and undertake those tasks you have been putting off.

Dark Moon- the last few days before new moon ,  the in between time of endings  and new beginnings, deeply healing, requiring you to  go within. You may find you are exhausted, yearning to be alone and emotional.  Take time for self care, tuning into your inner world and connecting to your own innate wisdom.  The cycle then begins all over again at New Moon.


Inspired by times when our ancestors would gather together during their cycle and share their wisdom, during the recent Covid experience I created the Soul Sister Community an  online community for women of all ages to gather today via the power of technology  Gathering in virtual circles allows for something magical to happen – sisters from around the entire planet are able to gather, connect and transform – together.  The community gathers twice a month online to honour the connection with other women and create a safe space in which we can support each other. These gatherings are at New and Full moon.

To Learn more about me  please visit

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Membership is  £20 also includes a private Facebook group, Moon circles, Monthly restorative yoga class, Distant healing, Facebook lives and meditations, Journaling prompts, Guidance during the moon cycles and energy to expect for the full and new moon. Discount to in-person Soul Sister Gatherings and Retreat days.

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A really interesting read and introduction into the subject. Sounds like you’ve been on quite the journey.


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