No matter what your beliefs are, sometimes there is just a negative energy to a space, if you have had a lot of visitors in your space or you have recently moved you may just feel you need to cleanse it. These rituals and practices have been around for hundreds of years and originated as a Native American tribal practice.
You may think it is all a bit woo woo but there are other benefits to saging or smudging your home. 
Saging is considered to be hugely purifying, it can rid your environment of nasty chemicals and toxins that you maybe inhaling such as cleaners, paints etc.
"White sage is not just something you have to believe in for it to work," Hanekamp explains. "It cleans the molecules in the air that we breathe, too."
OK so you fancy giving it a go and now need to know how to do it.
It is so simple, firstly open all the windows! Light your sage / smudge stick with a match. Be sure to blow out the flame once the bundle starts smoking, it is not about starting a fire. You should create a steady flow of smoke. Lightly blow on the flame until it goes out. Simple as that!! 
No need to over complicate.
We have chosen to stock Catherine Rising's beautiful smudge and sage bundles as they are ethically sourced and simply the most stunning we could source. Catherine only uses ethically sourced white sage too which makes us very happy! 

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