What is a Bath Ritual?

What is a Bath Ritual?

For me taking a bath is all about unwinding and relaxation, it is one of life's most simple pleasures. When we moved into this house we decided to put a tub in our bedroom and create a hotel vibe in our own home. It has been one of the best decisions yet!

Soaking away all the stresses of a hard day are made even more beautiful with our 'Floral Love'  Immerse yourself into the bath and experience the incredible therapeutic benefits and healing energy with the relaxing signature blend to calm, love and nurture you as you unwind and reconnect with yourself. 

The bath salts made with love and kindness, True:Kind takes pride in all their products, using only the highest quality natural ingredients and organic wherever possible. Each recipe has been carefully formulated to cleanse and restore.

The perfect time to perform a bath ritual is also during the new moon and full moon phases too.

Every single new moon represents the beginning of a new cycle which makes it the perfect opportunity to set intentions and set new goals for ourselves. A great time to manifest our dreams and release what no longer serves you. A fresh start and unlimited potential.

I love to write down all the new intentions I am planning ahead. It has been proven time and time again that physically putting pen to paper helps us visualise our dreams and lets our brains know where we are heading.

Taking a bath during the new moon can symbolically help us to wash away the old. The beautiful natural ingredients in our 'Moon Luxe'  will allow you to feel the benefits and healing energy encouraging you to set your intentions for new beginnings. The ingredients have been lovingly formulated to soothe, balance and enhance. 

So the new moon is all about setting intentions and new goals, the full moon is all about letting go. 

Creating your own full moon ritual with our bath salts is completely personal and individual to yourself, they do not have to be shared with anyone else. Creating a full moon ritual is a great opportunity to think about what is not serving you and let it go. 

You can do this by writing down anything that you are struggling with at the moment and anything you feel you want to let go. 

Tune into whatever makes you feel good whilst preparing your bath, candles, crystals or music etc. As you prepare you can start mindfully to think about what you want to release on this full moon.

The ingredients in our 'Moon Glow' have been carefully selected to help you feel supported and encouraged to let go of all those things that are not serving you.

I would love to offer you a little gift -10% off your first order of any True:Kind bath salts.
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