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A room without a TV

Written by Hayley southwood


Posted on February 28 2019

You might remember from my instagram posts that when I was planning how we would use the rooms in our new house I didn't want a TV in the main lounge.

This house has a snug that I had wanted to have the TV in and I really wanted to leave the lounge a TV free zone. My husband showed me The Frame by Samsung.

They are really expensive and I must admit this was a real luxury purchase and it is a comprise and I have had to sacrifice my shutters for now.

We found it best priced at John Lewis for £949. 



We bought the smallest size because it is so expensive and of course as I am so anti a TV in the lounge. But even I couldn't help be impressed when Paul started showing me this tele. You can add literally anything to the screen, when it is on it's a normal TV, when off it looks like a piece of art. When you buy the TV you can sign up for the Art Store which costs £3.99 a month which gives you access to thousands of paintings to display. You can also load your own photos straight from your phone etc. I haven't signed up to the monthly Art Store as I am quite happy with the freebies pictures it comes with as standard. 

When you buy the TV you can choose your frame colour, it comes in black, walnut, white and beige wood. They are clever magnets that clip round the edge of the TV. It is soooo clever! There is only one invisible cable connected to the TV that you can hardly notice. Have a zoom in on my photo! 



It is so clever, it has a motion sensor that picks up movement so can turn off when you are not in the room to save energy.

The image below is the TV in our new lounge and I have to admit we are now using this rooms lots more. I don't feel defeated as I think it is a brilliant alternative to a normal TV. We have had lots of people walk into our lounge and not even realise it was a TV at all!






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