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Let's talk about Pampas Grass

Written by Hayley southwood


Posted on February 14 2019

If you'd of asked me what I thought about pampas grass I'd of said it conjured up childhood memories of going down to my Nan's house and wondering why she liked that HUGE funny plant in the middle of her front garden.

Of course there is the other myth about people having the pampas plant in their garden in the 70's as a sign that you were a 'swinger'. This always made me chuckle growing up as I remember my lovely Nan wanted her pampas grass removed quite hastily, now as an adult it makes me laugh.

Over the last few months I have been spying hundreds of images on instagram encouraging me to fall in the love with the stuff. Doing up our house and having lots more space to fill I suddenly felt the urge to hunt down some pampas and fill a vase. YES- I jumped right on the insta-band wagon and headed for an old neighbour's house. He looked at me like I was crazy when I declared I had lived 10 doors down and I was desperate for some cuttings. 

I think he was too shocked to say no hahahaha! 

I think the first account I spied the pampas plant on was my friend and fellow Maven the lovely @zoe.interiors. Zoe's feed is full to the brim with beautiful calmness and interior swoon-worthy shades of joy!

Another account I love to follow and have done for several years is the gorgeous @casschung. Her style is always so inspiring and her kids are super cute!

There is no way I could talk about Pampas Grass and not mention my lovely friend @deecampling. Dee's home is just so inspiring and she is one of the nicest ladies I have ever met through the squares. 



  • Loving this post… we are currently knee deep in the stuff and that fluff it’s everywhere xxx

    Posted by Amy | February 28, 2019
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