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Making mistakes in the snug

Written by Hayley southwood


Posted on April 08 2019

As some of you may remember my old house had white floors, white walls and a complete monochrome interior. After 6 years of living completely monochromatic I was craving colour in my life. When we viewed the new house it had a completely different feel to it. Quirky room shapes, beams, exposed brickwork and not a straight ceiling or floor in sight. We decided this would be the perfect house to introduce some new colour to our lives. 

I started to pin and plan each room months ahead of the big move. This was my mood board for the snug prior to moving in.


All looks great doesn't it and we got to work quickly too. We started painting the walls and there were a few glances at each other. I don't think anyone wanted to say it out loud but we all knew pretty quickly that something wasn't working.


We initially thought it was just us getting used to it as it was such a huge change and we were so used to white walls everywhere But the room was so complicated with beams, brickwork and the parquet flooring, it was soon evident we had made a mistake. The room felt dark and we knew it had to change. Thankfully it was only the paint that needed to changed and my lovely father in law was on hand to help us out. 



We used Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ball on the walls and woodwork. All the accessories are available on my website if you fancy a peep. You can shop the snug here The chair I found in IKEA is actually really comfy as an occasional seat.



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