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The finer details

Written by Hayley southwood


Posted on May 13 2019

Whilst we are renovating this house adding home accessories and finishing touches can all feel very frivolous. We have so much to do here and I want to make it look pretty hahaha!

Yesterday we added these gorgeous prints to our lounge and webshop. Soo's work is just stunning, real investment pieces. The paper Soo uses is simply the best quality and her work is just jaw dropping in my opinion.




When we bought our first house I was 18 years old and we would be up to our eye balls in dirt and dust. I would turn up with a new vase and plonk it on the window-sill. Not much has changed all these years on. To me the finer details have always been important. It is the little things that make me smile and make a house feel a home. You will find a collection being added to each room as we finish it on our website, room by room. I really want this to be a place you find inspiration, it's not all about selling you, honestly!! 

So today I want to show you my favourite addition to my home and it isn't from my own shop. I bought this gem from my friend Susan, she owns Lifestory in Edinburgh. 





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