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Pappelina's Otis 70 x 140 cm Mustard and Vanilla features an graphic design that combines both a soft and sharp look using the shape of a droplet (turn the rug over and the design colourway is reversed). The Otis Rug comes in 6 colour combinations, resulting in 12 unique looks! Both practical and stylish, it has been hand woven from soft plastic using traditional Swedish techniques and can be used either indoors or outside. (As the rugs are hand-woven please allow a three percent size variation.)

The REAL benefits of owning and enjoying a Pappelina Rug

If you actually take into account the quality, longevity, durability and functionality of an original Pappelina Rug then they offer you incredible value for money and a true investment when compared to any other rug type.

Remember most rug types will need replacing many times - A Pappelina will not.

  • ISO 4001 PVC-plastic and polyester-wrap produced in Sweden
  • Soft, comfortable, springy and warm underfoot
  • Non slip (on most types of surface)
  • Easy to clean, doesn't hold dust, extremely allergy friendly
  • Non-toxic, safe, and hygienic, containing no hidden heavy metals or dangerous softeners
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees, though don't spin or tumble
  • Wash with a mop, rinse clean with your garden hose or even jet wash carefully
  • Non shrink and easy drip dry, though gently stretch first minding the edges
  • Spot stains like ketchup should be rinsed off and not rubbed
  • Fresh water, seawater and chlorine resistant
  • Flame and fire retardant
  • Wear resistant, durable, non-fray and non-abradable
  • Good sun and UV resistance compared to other materials
  • Low electrical and thermal conductivity, great for heated floors
Great for...
  • Carpets offering greater protection than woollen rugs
  • Children, and even babies, as completely toxin free and easy to keep clean
  • Outdoors as weather, water and damp proof
  • Swimming pools and spas as chemical resistant
  • Pets as substantial and easy to clean even the worst mud from
  • Asthma, pollen and dust allergy sufferers
Use for...
  • Front Entrances, Porches, Doorsteps, Hallways, Foyers
  • Lounges, living rooms, reception rooms, lobbies
  • Kitchens, galleys, breakfast rooms, dining rooms
  • Studies, home offices, work Offices, cubicles
  • Bedrooms, dressing rooms, loft rooms
  • Bathrooms, shower rooms, toilets, utility rooms
  • Gardens, patios, conservatories, sheds, paths
Perfect for...
  • Modern and traditional Homes
  • Offices, hotels, restaurants
  • Spas, pools, sport centres
  • Hospitals, clinics, surgeries
Pappelina - A Swedish family run company renowned for quality, detail, integrity, professionalism and humanity.

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